At Celissa, life is all about creating fulfilling and memorable experiences. Part of providing these experiences is working with local suppliers of the highest quality, and the highest conscience.

We’re thrilled to work with Kai Coffee to supply the coffee that you will find in your latte’s as the sun rises, or your espresso martini’s after the sun sets.

Read their story from the source.

Kai Coffee was birthed in 2011 with a vision to use the world’s second largest traded commodity to make a difference in both local and global communities.

We are living in a culture that loves good coffee, and their mission is to ethically source and import the worlds greatest coffees,  roast them with the best technology possible, and partner with cafes and individuals that are passionate about the product.

That said, creating excellent coffee is not their only aim, they want to use this powerful medium to raise funds to give back to the global community.

What does that look like? They currently donate two dollars for every kilo of coffee we roast to rescue children in developing nations. Their current projects include The Shepherd Centre in Kabale Uganda where we support a children’s home with 22 boys rescued from the streets and sponsoring 8 children with World Vision Australia and 2 children with Compassion Australia, with a goal of sponsoring 1,000 children by 2020!

In a coffee saturated culture, we love how passionate our customers have become in joining with us in supporting these kids!

Join the story! When you choose to purchase a bag of our beans or buy a coffee, you join us in changing the world through coffee.