We are seeking creative, motivated and hardworking chefs and cooks to join an already high-performing team.

Isles Lane seats over 200 patrons, with plenty more space for casual drinks around the extensive bar. The centrepiece “raw bar” is also a key component of the offering, a space for committed hospitality professionals to ply their craft.

The food menu consists of the best locally sourced produce focussing on the sky, the river, the sea, the pasture and the vegetable patch. With a strong focus on social and shared dining, and an aim to offer a fantastic product to take into the wonderful park fronting the venue, Isles Lane is a heart-warming place to work and socialise.

At Celissa our mission statement is “to dedicate our time and energy to providing our guests with the best customer service and ultimate hospitality experiences.”

We will achieve our mission statement by taking ownership of the product we deliver, and by partnering with individuals who bring their best attitude without exception to our places of hospitality each and every day.

Skill and talent for any position in our organisation is an important attribute to us. However, skills can ultimately be taught whereas the attitude that a person brings into our organisation can be their biggest asset or absolute downfall.

We will diligently recruit individuals for every role within our organisation regardless of its title; every individual and the role they play is vitally important to the overall success of Celissa’s venues.

Celissa Core Values

  • Nothing is More Important than Family. Our team, guests, community, suppliers and investors are all part of the one big extended Celissa family.
  • Nothing will ever matter more than how we express hospitality to one another, and then to the rest of our Celissa family. The truest way to show the importance of our family is by showing them gracious hospitality each and every time we see them.
  • Communication and Attitude are Everything! We encourage feedback & constructive criticism whilst at the same time always showing support for each other and celebrating individual achievements.
  • Our People are our Most Valuable Asset. We aim to partner with people who share our values, enjoy being hospitable, and exude positive attitude and leadership.
  • Our Product is Something we can Always be Proud of. We aim to always deliver something we can stand behind. Be it a glass of wine poured with care and graciousness, a plate of food crafted with love and responsibility, or an event delivered with true care and humility.
  • Our Venues Belong to our Celissa Family and the Neighborhood We Live In. Our designs and operations need to make our venues feel like an intrinsic part of our neighborhoods, not something imposed upon it. Further, we must operate for and give back to our neighborhoods at all times.
  • We Respect the Earth Which Has Given Us the Means By Which To Express True Hospitality. We aim to treat our environment responsibly and sustainably. We do this via respecting the animals and plants we work with, via limiting waste, and via seeking to procure as sustainably as possible.


If you feel you share these values, and aim to deliver warm, engaging and positive hospitality, we would love to hear from you.